Series A 101

In my prior life as a seed investor, I helped many companies raise Series A, some raise B and a few raise C.  First time founders often ask about the process, once it’s clear there’s likely to be one, and

While You Were Offline: Who Run the Web? Girls!

If there’s a running theme to this week’s roundup internet things, it’s strong women and the reactions to them from the world. Here’s what happened. The post While You Were Offline: Who Run the Web? Girls! appeared first on WIRED.

T-Shirts And Tech: Solving The Sartorial Equation

 I don’t normally pay much attention to fashion. I’m not a fashion blogger. I don’t read fashion articles. If I think something looks good, I wear it. That being said, there’s a really interesting trend in tech whereby dressing down

Is China Coming Around On Cybersecurity?

 The Chinese government arrested hackers at the request of the U.S. government just two weeks before Chinese President Xi Jinping visited the United States. The arrests, reported by the Washington Post on Friday, signal slight progress with China on cybersecurity.