SEO in 2018: The Definitive Guide

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Add LSI Keywords to Your Content

Once you’ve put the finishing touches on your 2,000-word monster, add LSI keywords to it.

LSI keywords are words and phrases that are strongly associated with your page’s topic.

For example, let’s say that you just published an article about The Paleo Diet.

LSI keywords would be terms like:

  • Nutrition
  • Caveman
  • Weight loss
  • Recipes
  • Grains

And when Google sees these LSI keywords on your page, they think: “Awesome! This page obviously covers this topic really well.”

How do you find LSI keywords? Here are three simple ways to find ‘em:

First, use a nifty free tool called LSI Graph.

LSI graph

Just enter your target keyword into the tool, and it’ll show you a bunch of LSI keywords that are associated with that term:

LSI graph results

Add any of these that make sense to your content.

Second, use good ol’ Google. Just search for your target keyword. Then check out the “Searches related to…” section at the bottom of the search results.

Related searches

The words in bold here are LSI keywords.

Finally, you can hack the Google Keyword Planner for LSI keyword ideas. Here’s how:

In Conclusion

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