Against The Singularity

 Ray Kurzweil’s predictions of the Singularity annoy me sufficiently that I once sat down to write a TechCrunch column attacking them. A brief primer: Singularity theory argues that our exponential technological growth will, several decades hence, culminate in an unimaginable

Major Advance Reveals the Limits of Computation

A major advance reveals deep connections between the classes of problems that computers can—and can’t—possibly do. The post Major Advance Reveals the Limits of Computation appeared first on WIRED. Source: wired

#VATMESS Is About To Get Much Messier

 Indie developers were rightly up in arms at the recent changes to the place of supply rules for B2C sales — deftly coined #VATMESS by Twitter wags. The rules were well-intentioned — it was not right that Apple, Google and

How Do You Value A Company Like Uber?

 Each week brings more Uber stories, with some containing good news for those who believe that the company is on a glide path to a $100 billion IPO, and some containing bad news, which evoke predictions of catastrophe from Uber