Messenger Marketing & Chatbots: How to 10x Sales & Leads Before Your Competitors

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Communication has changed. This may sound like a trendy thing to say at a cocktail party for a lot of people, but for marketers, it should be a wakeup call.

We cannot afford to be left behind. We must keep up with our audiences. Over the last 10 years “keeping up” has led to the universal adoption of email marketing, search engine marketing, and social media marketing.


Your audience has already adopted messaging platforms and your business must make the leap. Those that do so early will reap huge rewards. Think email marketing a decade ago. The cost to acquire a qualified subscriber was only a few cents, and email engagement was astronomically higher than it is today. Fast forward to present, and this very same opportunity has presented itself. It’s time to take the leap and cross the chasm. Those that don’t will soon resemble the person STILL buying ads in the classifieds section of your local newspaper.

Facebook Messenger is the fastest growing channel in the world. With 1.3B users, it is already larger than Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest combined. It’s also the only channel of this magnitude that isn’t saturated with marketers (yet).

Even if you already understand the opportunities presented by messaging platforms, we will get to this in a bit, hold your horses, it can be a bit confusing. How can businesses engage with customers in this new place where meaningful conversation is held?

Chatbots are the answer. While great for customer service, they are exceptional for marketing. With a little forward thinking, Chatbots and messaging platforms can become a huge sales channel for any business.

Why You Should Use Facebook Messenger + Chatbots to Put Growth on Steroids

You might be wondering why we’re so jazzed about Messenger & Chatbots for businesses? The short answer is that people love Messenger and they prefer to interact with both friends and brands on the platform.

We occasionally speak with people who say things like “no one uses Messenger”, or “I actually prefer my Gmail Promotions Tab”. Listen, these people are not the early majority. Heck they might not even be the late majority. According to Simon Sinek, “the only reason these people buy touch tone phones is because you can’t buy rotary phones anymore.”

Take Facebook Messenger for example. It’s growing like crazy!

If you throw in WeChat, WhatsApp, and other popular platforms, you have a massive market of potential customers.

But wait, there’s more! You still have an opportunity to become an early adopter, considering far fewer than 13.5% of businesses have made the discovery. While most other channels face declining engagement and rising advertising costs due to saturation, Facebook Messenger is just getting started.

Not sold yet? Here’s a few more benefits:

  • Messenger is one-to-one at the scale of one-to-many
  • It will shorten your sales cycle by answering questions and overcoming objections
  • When your CEO asks for 3x results with the same budget you’ll crush the target.

How We Use Chatbots

We have built Chatbots to solve many different problems. From helping customers pick the right size electric skateboard to capturing leads using webinars as a lead magnet.

Our Chatbots are great for delivering content! Say goodbye to heavy reliance on email marketing.

That said, there are three main types of messenger bots we like to build for clients:

  1. Lead Generation & Collection: These bots are great at using traditional lead magnets like webinars, events, giveaways, white papers, etc. and turning them into leads.
  2. Bottom of Funnel Retargeting: We love using bots to deliver coupon codes and other offers in remarketing campaigns.
  3. Conversion Rate Optimization: A well designed bot helps answer questions, overcome objections, find the perfect product, and ultimately make sales.

Here’s an example of method #2 above. It’s a coupon bot we built for bottom of funnel retargeting. The user clicks a Facebook ad and is taken directly to Messenger, initiating the bot experience. Here’s where things get interesting. This took a 5.6x lifetime ROAS up to 48.2x in less than a month!

The Results

  • 48.2x Return-On-Ad-Spend (up from 5.6x)
  • 1133% Conversion Rate Increase

We’ve seen some mind-blowing results from Chatbots.

  • 80% open rates for broadcast messages (!)
  • 30-40% click-through rates (4-10x email marketing averages)
  • 5x the volume of content downloads and event registrations
  • Higher conversion rates by alleviating funnel bottlenecks
  • Higher AOV & Customer LTV with upsells

Ready To Learn More?

Join Samir ElKamouny, Co-Founder of Fetch & Funnel, next Thursday 2/15 at 1:00 PM EST for a webinar that will show you exactly how modern marketers are using Facebook Messenger & Chatbots to increase sales and leads at a fraction of the cost.

Wrapping it up

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